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The neighbors are darlings, aren’t they?

August 9th, 2012 : No Comments »

Posting on Village Listserv
Any idea why the pool at the Village Country Club is closed for TWO weeks this summer for renovations? What makes them think that every Village Resident can decamp to their beach house for the duration? Has it escaped the club’s notice that it is currently 98 degrees and steaming like a tropical rainforest out there?

Posting on Village Listerv
Hello? Anybody out there? Guess everyone IS out of town. Of course, some of us expressly chose not to go away, so our children can take algebra before 5th grade.

Note from Phoebe to Lata
Por Favor, can you take the twins to the piscina publica today? The aire acondicionado is broken and we can’t afford to get it fixed right now.

Can’t believe we are ONLY people we know who are in town at the moment. The sacrifice for the sake of your hardware better be worth it. Thank God for the Walkers! They do seem to be a lovely family and quite sophisticated. But I do wish their eldest son, Kevin, would get rid of that ghastly haircut. He may have the twins all atwitter, but isn’t it preferable to be able to see where one is going? I can only hope he will come to his senses before school starts.

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