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Have I Shared Too Much?

August 28th, 2012 : No Comments »

Wall Post on Crystal’s Mebook Profile
Just been informed by Karson’s preschool teacher that it’s never acceptable to put your hands around another child’s neck – even if the child in question snatched your basketball and is taunting you with it. Hard to believe anyone seriously feels threatened by a boy who has yet to break thirty-five pounds, particularly in a class where some kids appear suspiciously close to puberty, but I guess East-Coasters are made of softer stuff.

Mebook Message From Phoebe to Crystal
Welcome to DC, my dear, where children are held back whenever possible to give them an academic edge when it comes to applying for college. You’d think admissions officers might start to notice that the average DC child is mastering his ABC’s around the same time he or she is also learning to shave, but I dare say it’s never too early to start lying about one’s age.

Speaking of school, only 168 hours (one more week) before the twins go back. Can’t say they were happy about having to attend math camp this week, but they should have thought about that before they came home with Bs on their last report cards, shouldn’t they?

BTW, you may not want to post QUITE so much personal information on your wall concerning Karson’s troubles at school. Such candor is charming, but you never know when such information can be used against you round these parts. Whatever passes between us regarding personal and familial shortcomings, of course, goes in the vault. Remember, knowledge is power!

Mebook Message From Crystal to Phoebe
Thanks for the word of warning. No wonder my newest MeBook friends here in DC only seem to post what they had for breakfast.

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