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My Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacy

August 12th, 2012 : No Comments »
Sunday,  August 12
Note from Nina to Crystal:

Text from Crystal to Phoebe
George dining at Palm D’Or tonite (2nd nite in row.) Do you know anywhere that might deliver a prescription for Nina’s Pill? I would run out, but Baby screaming.

Text from Phoebe to Crystal
I have samples from all major brands to deal with hormonal issues. Sending down with twins. Pls say they are nutritional supplements, in case they ask.

Text from Crystal to Phoebe
You = godsend!

BTW, blister pack arrived with a couple missing. Don’t suppose they’ll do twins any harm. Bless ‘em for tking their supplements!

Text from Phoebe to Crystal
Girls reported back they tasted yuk, and have sworn only to consume pills in shape of teddy bears from now on. Trust they have learned important lesson, altho’ have hidden all Mummy’s little helpers, just in case.

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