Hey, wait, maybe an intestinal parasite isn’t so bad?

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From: phoebegb@sahmsrule.net
To: crystalwalker@sterlingmorris.com
Subject: Playdate
So glad we were able to get your cherubs together with my twins yesterday afternoon. Kimberly-Ann broke the ice nicely when she offered to show my youngest (by two minutes), Cecily her tattoo – temporary, I assume. And who knew Karson-James would prove to be my eldest twin’s soul mate? He may be several years Emily’s junior, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a shared enthusiasm for World of Wizardry could one day translate into another kind of lifelong passion.

From: crystalwalker@sterlingmorris.com
To: phoebegb@sahmsrule.net
RE: Playdate
Thanks for the whispered word of warning about your housekeeper’s fondness for homemade purgatives. I had the cherubs discreetly dump Lata’s  ‘Guava and Acai smoothies’ she made for them in the bushes as soon as her back was turned. Pretty sure they have consumed worse things than an Amazonian laxative dressed up as a protein shake in their time, but I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Hope we can get together again soon!

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