Burn, Baby Burn

January 14th, 2014 : No Comments »


Time was when I was a big fan of my teenage daughters playing Sims.

After all, it seemed like such a wholesome activity compared to other things they could be doing: First, you created your virtual family, complete with mom, dad (or mom/mom/dad/dad – Sims is nothing if not right on trend) and baby, and then you went about the laborious process of creating their lives. Housing, feeding and finding jobs for  your Sims family required a considerable amount of time and effort, and if you sometimes got bored in the process and decided to employ a cheat in order to delete the odd tedious husband or child – well, that’s pretty much how it works in real life too. N’est-ce pas? Even if potty-training your Sims baby apparently involved throwing it up in the air, and presumably letting the s*%^t fall where it may.

But then it came to my attention that far more rewarding to my girls than merely deleting their bald, aging coot of a husband and whiny brat of a child was to strategically move a table in their virtual Sims home too close to a roaring fireplace, and then sit back and enjoy the results as you watched your darling loved ones go up in flames. (See picture on right). The post-mortem mourning period can prove quite moving, or so I’m told.

My question to you, dear C and other readers is this: should I be concerned that we are raising a generation of virtual psychopaths? Or is engaging in little pyromania really just another healthy outlet for all that teenage angst, such as our husbands engage in every time they get together for a round of Ghost Recon?

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