School Daze: The More You Pay, the Less They Go

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First day of school! Kevin refused to let me accompany him and his two younger sibs to the bus-stop, so I ended up waving from the doorstep, feeling like the mama turtle watching her babies scrabble down the beach towards the open sea. Anyone know if the private schools have started back yet?

Response from P
You know what they say: the more you pay, the less they go. Twins don’t start back until after Labor Day.

Response from C
Remind me again where your girls go to school? Seem to recall you giving me a name that sounded like something we were warned NEVER to try in college, but that can’t be right.

Message from P
My girls attend the Center for Research and Creativity (or CRAC, for short). Not as well known as Seton, but don’t let anyone tell you it’s a school for children with special needs. We prefer the term specially gifted. Unfortunately, Brad’s business is not bringing in the (admittedly astounding) amount of income required to keep the girls in CRAC and pay all our other bills, so we’re currently applying for financial aid.

How was the cherubs’ first day?

Message from C
Fine, but the absence of anyone playing on the street or the Village Green after school is deafening. Is there a child catcher on the loose, or are children simply being chauffeur driven from one activity to another once school lets out?

Message from P
A lot of people are still on vacay b/c the private schools haven’t started yet, but I think you will find the situation doesn’t change much once they do. As a matter of fact, you have just described the twins’ after-school routine perfectly. How else can they expect to master Spanish, Mandarin and classical jazz by the time they reach middle school? Must seize the opportunity of a chink in their schedule to get them together with the cherubs for a play date soon.





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